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    Help with Custom Token Sizes

    I need help with sizing tokens when saving pictures. Specifically with large and huge sizes that are larger than one grid square.

    I've used the search function and Youtube and I think I'm getting overwhelmed with answers because I'm not understanding.

    If I have an image at say 512x512, 96ppi, it autosizes to 1 grid square on my map. How do I stop that? I understand that I should have my tokens at 100x100, 200x200, 300x300 for medium, large, and huge. I've looked at the resolution of some of the ones I've bought and none of them really follow that convention.

    Can someone break this down step-by-step on how this is supposed to work in Unity? I apologize, I'm just not very graphics savvy. Yet.

    If it helps, I have and GIMP 2.0 installed, but I've only used at the most basic levels. I think I've opened GIMP once. I'm really a noob when it comes to art, graphics, and digital versions of both but I want to learn.


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    Which ruleset are you using?

    When a token is added to the map the default size is one grid square. Most rulesets will auto size if the token is added to the map from a creature entry in the combat tracker - and the size on the map will be based off the size of the creature.

    Some info in the Wiki here: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...Tokens#Scaling
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    It matters not what the token size is but rather the size of the creature. If the creature is medium or smaller then it will take up one square; if it is large it will take up a 2x2 square; and larger still will take up 3x3. The resolution of the token (100x100 etc) is just so that the image is of reasonable quality.

    You don't need a token of 512x512 for a medium creature but that would be ok for a Gargantuan one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Which ruleset are you using?
    GURPS Core Unity.

    So that's the problem. It has to have a size category in the NPC listing? Or is there somewhere else I can make that setting?

    I just did a test using D&D5E and I'm seeing the correct sizing behavior with the size category.

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    It depends on whether the GURPS ruleset supports specifying size on the NPC, such that it affects the size derived in the combat tracker.

    Additionally, you might be able to adjust the NPC size field manually in the combat tracker after it is added to the tracker but before you drag to the map.


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