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    LFP Need 1-2 Players Sat Night 7PM EST USA 5E Homebrew

    Group full for now.

    FG License: DM has FGU Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5E (with earlier flavourings due to DMs background)

    Time Zone: Eastern USA (UTC-5)
    Day of week and time: Saturday starting 7pm, usually around 3 hours (including some BS time)
    If new game, planned start date: ongoing campaign
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly provided I have at least 3 players (2 when in town)
    Term: long term (started Nov 2020), I have enough plot threads for this world to run it as long as people want to play, slow progression so far

    Text or Voice: Voice preferred
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? Not at this time, no current plans to change that

    Roleplay & Combat mix: More towards roleplay/puzzle solving, most combat can be optional based on roleplay
    Number of Players in game & needed: Have 2 regulars, 3 on RL breaks, looking to add 1 (maybe 2) more
    Character starting level & equipment: currently at 5th lvl, equipment can be discussed
    Character restrictions: Main restriction is the books I have purchased on FG, for ease of use (D&D Essentials Bundle, plus a few more). Concepts may need adjustments for homebrew setting.
    Currently active - Yuan-ti fighter, Human barbarian
    On hiatus - Dragonborn barbarian, Gnome druid, Human warlock

    Details of your scenario: Homebrew world, party is searching through the known region of the world for relics of the most worshipped god in the region, religious civil war is brewing in the background and the church has been running an extensive cover-up of the regions history. Heavy on exploration and investigation. Party has found favour with a powerful entity who regularly sends care packages (like cupcakes and keys).
    This is a cooperative game, not somewhere for PvP. Very relaxed atmosphere. Most encounters allow for social or combat handling.

    I started playing in the late 80s (before most of my current players were born) and DMing sometime during 3.5, have also run several other systems (and played more), and my DM style is heavily influenced by that. We are also not pure RAW due to that. (Note, I am a little map crazy... but then, I've also taught orienteering in the real world.)

    Message me if you're interested.
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    Bump to find more new players.

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    Yo I'm super interested in joining if spots are available still.

    Player name: Lucas
    Experience: 2 Years, mostly as DM
    Group Preferred: Online
    Availability: Available all day Sunday-Monday, other days are a little more complicated.
    Preferred game style: Fantasy Grounds Unity, Roll20, Discord etc. I like games with a solid mix of both combat and roleplay!


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    Are you still looking for a player?

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    Are you still looking for players?

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    Are you still looking for players?

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    Myself and a fellow 5e veteran player are both interested in joining you SAT night campaigns. I would probably play as an elf investigator rogue. My friend would likely play as a human warlock.

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    Are you still looking for players?


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    Certainly interested in joining your campaign is there is still room.
    I have a Eladrin rogue that I’ve been itching to use properly.
    My discord is EJ(ObisK)#2879. Look forward to talking to you.

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    I am seeking a Sat night game. Seasoned player with old town charm. Fighter with bard tendencies. Please message back if interested.

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