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    VsD update thread.

    -VsD updated to reflect latest Core RPG update
    - Updated to code to correct a misspelling in table in the Missile Attack Table
    - Armor bonus was not offsetting movement penalties from armor [Fixed]

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    - [Fixed] Open ended rolls for all "Open Ended Designated" rolls will now roll and subtract for rolls 5 or less. (Skills, Spellcasting, Attacks)
    - Added a weapon Fumble roller for NPCs on the CT Attacks subwindow. (Spell is locate don NPC record)
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    -[Fixed] Font issues with VsD white fonts and FG dark theme.
    -Feature update. Added item effects(see upcoming post)

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    - Added a roll breakdown to chat box when making skill stat or weapon roll. This lets the GM or player see what all bonuses and negatives applied.
    - Fixed an error with advanced items effects.
    - Moved the actions declaration combo box off the weapons tab.

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    -Small update (Thanks Psicodelix) Spell, background, and trait windowlists now have a minimum frame size. This allows you to drag and drop without having to create the window using the "+" button.

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    -[Fixed] Fumbled attack rolls should now work correctly.

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    - BRUISED effect is implemented. Adding "BRUISED" to effect line reduces the rolls for all actions by 20
    - The ALL effect no longer effects save rolls. To add penalties to saves use TOUGHNESS"-10 or WILLPOWER:-40 etc
    - Quick Start Guide Updated to reflect effect changes.

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    - Small update today to get the ruleset ready for next core update(all behind the scenes). Please pass along any issues.

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    -Integrated Core RPG changes to VsD ruleset
    - Adjusted frames on combat tab. Weapon names and armor should no longer be cutoff
    -Ruleset and QS guide can now be found in the Ruleset and Module folders.

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    - Updated Ruleset for new Fantasy Grounds Changes
    -[Fixed] a graphic bug on the die weapon for the weapon attack roll
    - Reconfigured the modifier box, modifier button and dice area.

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