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    FG Ruleset Updates 2022-03

    NOTE: If you are getting errors, please disable extensions and reload campaign before reporting. If errors caused by extensions or in forge rulesets, please report to the support thread for that extension or ruleset. If errors in core rulesets or FG store rulesets, please report in House of Healing forum.

    New versions of the core FG rulesets as well as every ruleset available in the FG store are now available. A comprehensive list of patch notes is available here.

    Please report any issues in the House of Healing forums.


    NOTE 2: As communicated previously, this update and all future updates are for FGU only.

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    Hot fix for simple dice expression calculations containing spaces.

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    Hot fix for rulesets that use dice expressions alternating between D# and d#.

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    Hot fix for display of certain expressions to prevent plus prefix in story templates and tables.

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