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    LFP(s) Deadlands: The Weird West "Horror at Headstone Hill"

    Hello everyone,

    Due to lack of current players, we have openings available for our weekly Deadlands Campaign "Horror at Headstone Hill".

    We currently have 3 players and are looking for 2 to 3 more.
    We play 8PM till 12 Midnight EST Mondays (next game will return when we have more players).


    Hope to hear from you all soon!

    Interested parties contact me: [email protected] or post on this thread.
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    If you don't mind I would love to play in your deadlands campaign and can fill in any slot or role the possie needs. That and I'm a fan of savage worlds deadlands universe. If there any other requirements let me know.

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    Hello, if you can give me your Discord name, I can contact you to make a character and get you on the server.


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    I've never played deadlands before but I love trying out new games and seeing how other systems work, if you still have room and are alright with new players I would love to join your game

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    Hello, please send me your Discord information and we can set you up. Thanks

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    Are you still looking for players? I have never played deadlands but it sounds fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilysilvergarden View Post
    Are you still looking for players? I have never played deadlands but it sounds fun.
    Yes, just pm me your Discord info and we can talk. I can set you up with a character tomorrow evening after 4 EST.

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