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    You know what? I didn't asked them. Not directly. I either proposed to them to give them the material or release for free by myself. I just wrote to them and gave it all I had. The best sale pitch I could come up with. Let's see what happens. I think the best calling card will be the Montreal book version I'm working on. Once they see what I'm capable of, I bet they might want me to do more.

    I'm not throwing the towel. I'm gonna be relentless. In the most Vampire seducing way I can be. Let's find my inner powers.

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    Reach out to James Holloway on above email address.
    Paradox did not do any of the conversions - they were done by community developers on commission.

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    I will do that. Thank you. I appreciate it.

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    I have finished the document. Only SPC's sheet needs to be finished.
    The reference manual first draft is over.

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    Montreal By Night was my favorite city book by far.

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