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    Formula for varying hit points

    One thing that I like about D&D is the concept that monsters have hit dice which gives them average hit points and creates a little bit of variety when you have, say a band of orcs or other group of NPCS. C&T sort of handles this by allowing a creature to have *more* hit points, but not less. So I created a little formula (see below, as an example of a simple spreadsheet). The formula under the "modified hits" cell is =Round((1- ((50-B2)*0.01))*A2).

    So in this example, the creature has base 50 hits in C&T, you roll a 36 and modified hits are 44. (It would be great to make this into a table in FG, but I don't think you can do formulas, can you?)

    A B C
    1 Hits Roll Modified Hits
    2 50 36 44

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    You can vary the level and HPs on all of the NPCs within RMC.

    If you create a copy of the NPC, then click the 'other' tab the level code and constitution are rollable (x2 click the OE Roll box). This gives you a random result for each NPC. Beaver.PNG

    Wolfshield shows an example in one of his Youtube vids.

    Hope that is of some help.


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    Ok cool, I always wondered what those meant.

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