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    Story Templates not calling table with word containing ū

    Hi All,

    I'm still learning how to use Story Templates and exercising as much functionality as I can. Apologies for asking so many questions over the past day or two. I searched on the forums and didn't find anything related to this one.

    After discovering hyphens are a bad idea in table names I may have encountered another odd one. Today I was testing and tried to create a story entry using the Static Entry table call below. FG output the names of the tables without the square brackets. I had it working in a different story template, but there I pulled the word Faerūn from a table and used it in the [] rather than typing it out. The Name using Variable output seems to work as the documentation describes. Since I managed to create the workaround before realizing it was in fact a workaround, I can alter my workflow to accommodate that in the future.

    Did I encounter a known issue with this or is it the first time anyone has described it?

    Continent = <Continent>
    Name using Variable: [<Continent>, Dwarf, Male] [<Continent>, Dwarf, Surname]
    Static Entry: [Faerūn, Dwarf, Male] [Faerūn, Dwarf, Surname]
    Static Entry Without Faerūn: [Damaran, Male] [Damaran, Surname]

    Continent = Faerūn
    Name using Variable: Kildrak Skulldark
    Static Entry: Faerūn, Dwarf, Male Faerūn, Dwarf, Surname
    Static Entry Without Faerūn: Sergor Chernin

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    The story templates enhancements were done by a community member and I’m not familiar with the code; so I will pass along to them to look at.


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    Nope- that’s a new one!

    I don’t know why a character like that would stop the output, there shouldn’t be anything more restrictive in the added functionality that the original, vanilla functionality already possessed in terms of alpha character allowances.

    I will say though, that it wasn’t tested with interesting alpha characters like that, so that’s why this is a surprise to learn!

    I’m still on vacation with the family, so if I can get a moment while here I’ll take a peek. If not I will upon my return home (but it’s in the hopper behind the hyphen conundrum at this point.)

    Hey also: since you are stretching boundaries of the system, please feel free to recommend any additional functionality you’d like to see! I always welcome ideas for improved features! Who knows, some of your suggestions could make it into the features someday

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    After looking into this, I have noticed that the FG base table handling functionality within story templates does not work with special characters like that in the word "Faerūn" either. So, this isn't an issue with the new code introduced when I partnered with Smiteworks to include Story Template Pro features into the base functionality.

    This doesn't mean it isn't fixable, just that it seems to have been a limitation from the start. Next time I do an update, I will see what I can do about that.

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