FG License: Free version
Time Zone: Mountain Time Zone
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Saturday only, available between 6 am to 4 pm, I'm good for all types of frequency.
Term: Good for one shot or campaign
Voice: I have a mic and camera. Willing to download anything as needed.

Game System Preferred: Any. I am willing to learn.
Game System Experience: D&D 2-3.5 and some 5th (4th Ed never existed), Starfinder, HSD (both editions), and Shadowrun 3rd.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: How familiar are you with Fantasy Grounds? None. Didn't know this existed until a week ago.

Character Type Preferred: Healer/support but up for anything.
About me: I prefer 50/50 of Roleplay and Combat. Occasionally getting into fights are okay but we got to have a way out via roleplay. I have been DMing for years and sick of it. I want to roleplay and see different ways of DMing to see how I could improve. I want to learn and grow as a player and DM.