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    Stuck at 2.012 - without error

    Apparantly I'm stuck at FG version 2.0.12. When I run the updater, it pretends to upgrade (or at least check for updates), runs a little orange bar to the end, and then says "Done!". The updater does not give an error. (the updater button also doesn't flash the "update available" thingie)

    I thought I had version 2.1 for a second because of this lack of error, but then noticed the different version numbers.

    Even funkier: my DM's FG crashes on each update. So he thought he didn't make it to 2.1 and was stuck at 2.0.12. But when I tried connecting to him, FG presented me the following error (see attachment). Yaaaay. Then suddenly *poof* his version numbers pop to 2.1.

    Anyway, anyone else here with the problem? (I suppose this is different from the crashing updater bug?)

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    Meh, fixed for now. Re-installed.

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    There is little that passive agressiveness cannot fix.
    One time, I started FG by glaring at it until it connected out of pure embarrassment
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