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    Stoplight system?

    I'd like to use the stoplight system with my players. Is there any extension, module or idea on how to implement it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by feelej25 View Post
    Thank you very much, it sure helped me a lot.

    As you can imagine, I surely googled it and looked over lots of tedious forum posts and FGForge downloads, for a couple of hours. It turns out I was looking for the wrong keywords, as my native language is not english, so I mainly read about this system on portuguese. That made it pretty difficult to find what I was actually looking for, considering I am also a newcomer to both Fantasy Grounds and TTRPG in general.

    Sorry for bothering you, mister, and once again, thank you very much, I would've spent many more hours searching if it wasn't for you.

    With gratitude,

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    For live games I ask the players to raise a hand to indicate a pause. Works for us

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