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    PC Level up suggestions


    Had a session last night and the party was leveling up to level 2. The new Level Up button is great, but as I was explaining there is a way to look at your class information by clicking the (in my theme) red little dragon below the level up button one of my players already had the class info open. Since it did not he clicked a few times and managed to drag drop it, only a few pixels, but still a drag drop.
    From what I've seen that used to be the way to level up, and he by mistake leveled up to level 4 instead of 2.
    Trying to find info on reverting stated there is no way to "level down" so we restored the backup from the previous session and everyone else redid their level ups as well.
    I can understand the functionality being there still for users who have used this method for a long long time but for new players there is no real way of even guessing the drag drop would do something like this, and the level up button is doing what they expect it to do. Would it be possible to get an option to disable that way of level up so this won't happen again, or maybe even toggle the Level up button or the drag and drop feature?
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    Moved to the D&D 5E sub-forum as this is specific to the D&D 5E ruleset. If you're posting about a specific ruleset, please post in the sub-forum for that ruleset.
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    Put suggestions in the wishlist. Link in my signature.
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