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    Does this rule set still have an active developer?

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    I've sent an email to the DLC developer for the ruleset to ask them to respond here.


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    I've found the issue with the power rolls and uploaded a fix. Weapons were working as expected.


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    No, it's still using the wrong formulas or logic, though it is getting closer.

    When rolling from a Power, it ignores the 'what to test' section (i.e. coordination vs coordination, or Power vs coordination) and instead adds TWICE the power value. When I turn the Power into a weapon it parses the match-up of what to test to determine a hit based on the damage type (bashing, slashing, blasting, shooting), and correctly applies damage minus armor/resistance, BUT only up to 6. If you input damage 7 or higher it only counts it as a 6.

    So rolling straight from a power block is something we can just not do, maybe add instructions to make all offensive powers as weapons (change "weapons" to "attacks" on the sheet). This won't work for powers that don't use one of the 4 damage type formulas (for example, Afflictions that use Power vs Strength).

    Perhaps a slightly expanded "attacks" section replacing the weapons section, with drop-downs or entries for Attacking Stat, Defending Stat, and Damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColoradoGM View Post

    BUT only up to 6. If you input damage 7 or higher it only counts it as a 6.
    Just uploaded a fix for this.

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