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    Perhaps a dumb question

    I started an Expanse game in GURPS recently. Originally I downloaded The Expanse ruleset for MoreCore, but it was buggy and no longer being supported.
    The two systems are similar in that they use 3d6, so most of it was easily converted.
    However, I got lazy and decided to just stay with The Expanse rules for ship combat, since it was tailored to fit the flavor of ship combat in that series.
    In that ruleset, the 3d6 roll is high instead of low. Additionally, due to one of the dice being a "drama die", and rolled doubles being important, I need to be able to roll high (like a GURPS damage roll) but have the dice roll print to screen (like a GURPS skill roll) [Damage rolls just give a total and don't show the dice rolled].
    Is there anyway to set up some of the skills to do that?
    It's not a big deal though. We can continue to just pick up three dice and add a modifier based on the skill.

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    I don't think I fully understand your question.
    Are you asking if there is a way to show the single dice rolls?


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