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    Resolved - GPU Performance issues

    Posting to help out fellow DMs & Players.

    On Fantasy Grounds Unity I was experiencing extremely high GPU usage on a 3090

    41% utilization by loading a newly created empty 5e campaign.
    0% when FGU is closed.

    Within NVidia control panel I set the max frame rate to 60FPS for FGU and this reduced the GPU Utilization to 2%
    It seems that FGU tries to push an extreme amount of frames, perhaps unnecessarily similar to New World.

    I hope this helps anyone experiencing GPU performance issues by changing the Frame Settings in your driver.

    Be sure to check out https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...cing+GPU+Usage
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    Looks like mileage may vary. I just tried this on my computer, and it had no effect. Still seeing 28%-35% GPU after changing the setting, which is essentially what it was before.

    using the /vsync commands within FGU has a much greater effect.
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    By default, FGU tells the Unity game engine to use vsync = 1, which matches 1 monitor frame to 1 in-game frame. So, potentially, you could be looking at a high-refresh rate monitor driving the program harder.

    Using "/vsync 0" chat command will set the refresh rate to a fixed 60 fps.

    There is also settings for /vsync 2-4 which divide the monitor refresh rate by the given value.

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