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    LFG 1 Player US Time Zone prefer 5E

    I'm an experienced DM looking to play as a player character in DND 5e. I have over a year of experience with FG, and would prefer campaigns that don't start around levels 1-2. If anyone has any spots open, let me know! Hi!
    My discord is lucs#7822

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    if you are interested in playing rolemaster instead of 5e.....


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    Hey I am starting a campaign on friday nights 8pm est. The module is hoard of the dragon queen with rise of tiamat after we finish. We have 4 players and are looking for 1 more. We are starting at lvl 1 but between the 2 mods we should go to atleast lvl 18 or 20

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    I'm very interested in this! Could I getcha on discord and get more details about your campaign?


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    I sent a friend request on discord

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