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    NPC Initiative for multiple groups of the same creature

    (D&D 5E)

    Hi all

    Is it possible to set up a way to have multiple groups of the same enemy, role separate initiatives when you add them to the combat tracker via the encounters?

    a bit of background:
    I'm running a dungeon crawl into a very large Kobold den and there is an encounter with 50 kobolds. Rather than having them all go on the same turn I want to spread their actions through the round so I want 5 groups of 10 each with their own initiative.
    I've tried creating separate entries in one encounter and five different encounters but they are always grouped with the same initiative.

    The only way round this I could think of was to have multiple Kobold NPC entries and use a different one for each. I'll do it if I have to but there are multiple clans in my complex and that would leave my NPC list full of Kobolds

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    The initiative comparison for grouping initiative (and for appending ordinal numbers to the end) is based on the creature name.
    (i.e. "Kobold Archer" and "Kobold Archer 2" will be in the same grouping, and "Kobold Archer" added to the combat tracker twice will yield "Kobold Archer" and "Kobold Archer 2")

    So, you could make differently named kobolds for each encounter to have them trigger different initiative groups.


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    Or you could give all NPCs their own init and not group them. If you want.

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    This did the job
    combat Track.jpg

    thanks for the help

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