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    [Bug] Saving Throw Adjustment not working correctly on powers

    I tested this with the base 2E Ruleset, no extensions loaded.

    Ran into a problem in my game where a Spider's poison gives +2 to the saving throw. A PC was hit and had a save vs poison of 14 (no other adjustments from rings, racial, con, etc). When I clicked the button on the CT for the Spider's poison "power" to force the PC to save vs poison at +2, it double-dipped the modifier. It added +2 to the d20 roll, but it also lowered the target number by 2. So, as you can see in the screenshot below, it rolled d20+2 for a result of 18+2=20, but was going against a target number of 12 and not 14 like it should have.

    I rolled a few more to make sure it wasn't just a display error... indeed, it treats a roll of 10 (for a total of 12) as a success, even though that should be a failure.

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    I found this and will submit patch this week for next.
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