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    Need a bit of advice: magic items for Level 7 PCs

    I'm about to run a one-shot for some friends. They'll be rolling up a party of 7th level characters; as such, they can reasonably expect to be equipped with a number of magic items. I'm new-ish to DMing and I'm not sure what sort of selection would be appropriate for that level.

    Any advice on this from experienced DMs would be much appreciated.
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    See the DMG Chapter 7 > Magic Items > Rarity for details on what magic items could be available to players at various levels.
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    Without looking at the DMG table, I'll give you some ideas from how I might run such a one shot.
    • +1 weapon, type of choice (or 20 ammunition). (I would discourage these, but hey, some folks like the DPR)
    • +1 armor except plate or half-plate (I would discourage these as well, not very interesting, but they are easy to account for etc)
    • specialty magic, things that are not +1, but have situational advantages,
    • weapons with 1d4 or 1d6 bonus damage versus undead, or orcs, or cold damage vs fiends. (But all this needs to be relevant to the adventure)
    • magic light sourcing
    • "warning" item (weapon or broach, etc.
    • javelin of lightning
    • pick your favorite miscellaneous magic items (esp ones that are adventure appropriate, i.e. ones that if used appropriately with ease, but not eliminate, one encounter)
    • scrolls, 4 level 1 spells, 2 level 2 spells, or 1 level 3 spell. Fix the selection to make sure they are mostly adventure appropriate.
    • Maybe a "Dancing" shield or weapon. Might need/want to reduce the abilities a small amount, as these can be abused in the right/wrong combination.

    In short, I strongly prefer to make allowable items relevant to the one-shot. And I would do one item of choice, or maybe using the minor magic item properties from the DMG (or found online) maybe two such items. I would also give 2 potions of healing to each character.

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    @Zacchaeus; thank you, I thought I'd seen something like that somewhere but couldn't remember where.

    @LordEntrails; thank you also, that's very interesting and gives me something to work with.

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