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    Brand new user, I have no idea how to display a map for players.

    Bought the ultimate membership and I am working towards learning the system. I bought the core 5e books and a module, how do I actually display a map from the module for my group to see and interact with? Feeling quite lost.

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    The module should have the relevant maps linked, usually in the story entry. You can also find them by clicking on the Images link on the right. In the Images window, select the module name in the Group drop-down at the top. Depending on the module, it may even have a group called "Module Name - Battlemaps".

    Once you've found the map (always use the Player version), drag the characters from the combat tracker to the battlemap and place them where you want them. When they are placed, right-click on the map and select Sharing > Share Record. Depending on the lighting on the map, the lighting the characters have, or the characters' darkvision, they should see the map.

    I recommend you check out the new DM guide linked in this post


    You could also sign up for a free DM course at Fantasy Grounds Academy


    Good luck!

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    Is the combat tracker the numbered bracket at the bottom of the screen?

    I will watch the video you linked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by YellowOptimist View Post
    Is the combat tracker the numbered bracket at the bottom of the screen?
    They are hotkey links.

    The combat tracker is key to using the PC/NPC features and functionality of Fantasy Grounds. Details on the 5E combat tracker in the Wiki user guide here: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...Combat+Tracker
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