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    Background music

    How can I play background music while we play?

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    Long discussion thread here https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ckground-audio

    You'll need some kind of extension or Discord Bot or some other software and a few more hoops I think.
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    We use Discord to talk to each other, is there a way to use that? Thought I saw something that said you cannot play music while talking only texting.

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    on discord the legal problems the bots like groovybot have been having has reduced the easy way to play background music

    an easy workaround the loss of the bots is to set up a second discord user account and with and run itunes/spotify/youtube audio output as a direct input to this account, just connect the account to chat and you can have more freedom over you background music and even mix multiple sources. and still allow others connected to adjust the volume they wish to here on from this account

    for the second account possibly run it in browser whilst using your desktop app for your own voice account

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    I highly recommend RPG Sounds for playing music/effects whatever. Free on Steam, and you can either use premade soundpacks, or use your own files. It opens a server for your players they can tune into, completely seperate from FG or Discord. Been using it since release nearly a year ago, and I love it
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    I use Discord Audio Pipe: https://github.com/QiCuiHub/discord-audio-pipe to send my local audio to a Discord Bot . To make sure I hear the same audio as the players (and I can mix volume correctly), I use VB-Virtual Audio Cable to send the output of specific programs to CABLE Input, while the Discord Audio Pipe reads from CABLE Output.

    It is not a simple solution to setup, but once you did the initial work, it is very friendly to use. When I'm ready to play, I open Discord Audio Pipe and any applications to generate sound. In my case, I use Syrinscape (with AudioOverseer extension to trigger sounds like attacks missing or spells) and Winamp for background local music. You can use whatever you want and Windows 10 and 11 makes it very easy to select the output device of any application on System > Sound > Advanced > Volume Mixer. On top of that, the audio is crisp, stereo, high-bit rate, you don't have to use any bot commands, and player's can adjust the bot volume (or mute completely) on their end.
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    Yes I use Discord Audio Pipe and it is the best solution for sending sounds to the players. Here is the thread about it :https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ord+audio+pipe

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