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    5E - Better Combat Effects Gold

    5E Better Combat Effects Gold

    Forge Link: 5E Better Combat Effects Gold

    Documentation: README.pdf


    Change State
    Conditional Operators

    Better Combat Effects Gold (BCEG) is an extension that allows for fine tuning of when effects are enabled, disabled, removed, and added. Better Combat Effects Gold is specifically tuned to support 5E Automatic Effects packages. The features added allow BCEG and 5eAE to automate NPCs and PC effects to work as written in Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    Building off of the wildly popular free extension Better Combat Effects (BCE), BCEG is the next evolution of the product. It is backwards compatible, while adding new and exciting features. All future development will happen within BCEG.

    Note: A module is included with this extension which contains complete documentation.

    Additions BCEG has over BCE:

    • Save vs Condition - Saves against conditions and damage will automatically be granted adv/dis based on the traits of the actor making the saving throw.

    • ADVCOND,DISCOND: [condition] - Explicit advantage/disadvantage when rolling a save vs condition or damage type

    • Documentation module - A module is include with this extension that details a complete list of effects tags for BCEG

    • Ongoing Saves (ADV) (DIS) - (ADV)(DIS) can be added to BCE ongoing saves to grant advantage or disadvantage

    • DUR: (N) - Dynamically set the duration of the effect at time of add. (N) can be number or dice string

    • SAVERESTL - Perform ongoing save on long rest

    • SSAVES, SSAVEE - Perform ongoing save on the source of the effects turn.

    • EFFINIT: (N) - Set the initiative of the effect on add

    • NOREST, NORESTL - Actor gains no benefit from short rest/long rest

    • DMGA,DMGD,DMGR now accept damage and range types as filters

    • ATKD,ATKA,ATKR - Activate, Deactivate, Remove effect when the attack action is taken

    • SAVEADD: (N) (effect) - Will only activate when the save fails by (N). Think of this as a "Hard fail". If (-N) will fire when the result is N or less.

    • TATKHDMGS: (D) - Source of attack takes damage from target on successful hit

    • TATKMDMGS: (DC) Source of attack takes damage from target on miss

    • Replace FGU [] Tags - Tags like [PRF][LVL][CLASS] can now be defined in the NPC sheet effect list as (PRF)(LVL)(CLASS) to process as expected

    • (DE) - Will disable the effect on use

    • SDC - Can be written as [SDC] or (SDC)

    • (E) - Will remove the effect when the source of the effect drops to 0 HP

    • DUSE - Will deactivate the effect on any tag match

    • ATURN - Activate Effect on the start of any Actor's turn

    • SDC: (N) - Will add or subtract (N) from the Actor's spell save DC

    • ELUSIVE - No attack roll has advantage against this Actor

    • UNFLANKABLE - Attack rolls do not gain flanking bonuses against this Actor - Requires Flanking and Range extension

    • Conditional operators

    • ATKHA,ATKHD,ATKHR, - Activate,Deactivate,Remove effect when the attack is successful

    • ATKMA,ATKMD,ATKMR, - Activate,Deactivate,Remove effect when the attack is unsuccessful

    • ATKHADD - Add custom effect when the attack is successful

    • ATKMADD - Add custom effect when the attack is unsuccessful

    • ATKFADD - Add custom effect when the attack is fumble (critical miss)

    • ATKCADD - Add custom effect when the attack is critical hit

    • (RA) - Added to remove effect on any save

    • Spell attack and Spell Range filters and ATK([range],[attack type]) conditional operator which will return true if matching range filter or attack type filter

    • SNEAKATK, RAKISH, - For rogue sneak attack automation and rakish audacity

    • Automated Pack Tactics Trait

    • DESTROY - Destroy Actor when added

    • SAVEONDMGT -Same as SAVEONDMG but applied to the target. Subsequent tags (SAVEDMG, SAVEADD, SAVEADDP, etc) will also apply to target

    • CDMG,MDMG,HDMG - Crit damage, Max Damage, Half Damage. Works like modifiers buttons but also accepts filters.

    • Reistance to spell damage

    • ATKADDT, ATKHADDT, ATKMADDT, ATKFADDT, ATKCADDT - Add effect to target on attack type

    • Players own Actors effects and can delete from CT

    • HEAL - accepts max descriptor for maximum heal

    • OBSCURE - Mark Actors as obscured as well has how they are obscured

    • House Rule (option): Truesight,Blindsight,Tremorsense negate Invisible if the target can see the attacker

    Better Combat Effects Gold
    Buy 5eAE here on DMs Guild by Aridhro
    Learn more about 5eAE here by Aridhro
    MeAndUnique Extensions
    Grim Press Discord
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    Version History:
    Fixed - DUSE not working as intended when using IFT conditionals
    Support for Effect Builder Extension by @SoXMax
    Fixed - EXPIREADD still needed additional attention
    Fixed - TDMGADDS was not working as intended with IFT
    Fixed - (E) not working when applied to self
    Fixed - Documentation module missing DUSE/ATURN
    Fixed - Exhausted conflict when using Advanced Effects
    Fixed - Client script error using Requested Rolls with ongoing saves
    Fixed - Script error conflict when using 5E Expanded NPC
    Fixed - DMGAT,DMGDT,DMGRT not respecting damage/range filter
    Feature - Added SDC (as a tag) SDC: (N). (N) will be added or subtracted from the Actors spell save DC
    Added - SDC support for new NPC spellcasting DC (MotM)
    Fixed - Duplicate effects added on expire
    Fixed - Savemods not working for ongoing saves
    Fixed - Rest tags not working for NPCs
    Fixed - Ongoing Saves incorrectly built with Effects Builder
    Documentation update
    Fixed: EXPIREADD adding twice....again
    Fixed: Rare script error with ongoing saves
    Fixed: Potential script error with experimental parsing
    Added: Save icon for save messages output to chat
    Added: (5E) Option to add or not add prone to unconscious NPCs with Undead Fortitude trait
    Documentation update
    Fixed: Ongoing saves conflicting with BIDI extension
    Fixed: Ongoing saves not taking into account save filter
    Code Cleanup
    Updated README.pdf formatting
    Fixed - Support for Advanced Effects not working as intended
    Support - for Untrue Effects
    Hotfix: ActionDamage.applyDamage header change in 5E Ruleset
    Fixed: script error when using advanced effects from ruleset change
    Fixed: Changed ongoing saves to fall within the pipeline. Fixes Evasion/Avoidance issue. Should also prevent/solve other corner case issues. This is how I wanted to originally implement ongoing saves but at the time I didn't know enough to do it correctly.
    Fixed: (E) not working as intended
    Removed: Add Prone on unconscious as now native in ruleset
    Documentation update: SAVE tags format changed from SAVE: ABILITY (N) to SAVE: (N) ABILITY
    Fixed: Script error when rolling save from character sheet
    Fixed: Save handler not overridden just registered for
    Fixed: SAVEADD not working with requested rolls and rolled from a client
    Fixed: DMGAT script error from ruleset change
    Fixed: DUSE not working with damage filters
    Fixed: More guards around delayed expire for EXPIREADD support
    Fixed: Adjustment for [SDC] as first option in ongoing saves
    Fixed: DMGADD tag family not working from client
    Feature: ATKADD - Add custom effect when the attack action is taken
    Changed: Forced ongoing saves to use new mod format. Will re-write effects with old format as new format
    Fixed: Conflict with Constitutional Amendments on string contains
    Added: Guard to protect against malformed effects
    Feature: Tag SDC now does damage filters. damagetype or all
    Feature: ADV/DIS Saves against magicial spells and effects with ADVCOND: magic and DISCOND: magic
    Changed: Toned down the save icon color to fit more in with default theme
    Fixed: DUR applying ongoing damage, bad BCE merge
    Fixed: FROMAURA applying multiple times
    Fixed: Script error on some drags from the PC sheet
    Changed: Damage adjust for extension compatibility
    Changed: Save icon to dull shield
    Fixed - Fey Ancestry incorrectly parsing magic as a damage type
    Fixed - SAVEDMG not automatically applying adv/dis for damage type
    Fixed - Ongoing Save script error with no target
    Fixed - Script error in experimental parsing when text does not have a save modifier
    Changed - SAVEDMG in effect builder for mod format
    Feature - ELUSIVE - No attack roll has advantage against this Actor
    Feature - UNFLANKABLE - Attack rolls do not gain flanking bonuses against this Actor - Requires Flanking and Range extension
    Fixed - ADV/DISCOND not working when magical effect
    Feature: Added TATKHDMGS - Source of attack takes damage from target on successful hit
    Feature: Added TATKMDMGS - Source of attack takes damage from target on miss
    Fixed: [SDC] translation not working properly when applied from a power
    Feature: Additional conditional operators – Read the documentation PDF as there is an entire section and multiple options to choose from
    Fixed: SAVEDMG not working when multiple conditions/damage types in play
    Fixed: [SDC] not taking into account power bonus in addition to group bonus when replaced when applied from a power
    Fixed: Conditional operator DYING was inverse
    Fixed: Conditional operator range faction filtering fix for enemy/ally
    Enhance: Performance optimization range conditional operator
    Fixed: Documentation typos
    Feature: Conditional operators ADV/DIS will return true if the attack roll has advantage or disadvantage
    Feature: Conditonal operator RANGE now also accepts target as a filter which will filter on current targets
    Feature: ATKHA,ATKHD,ATKHR, - Activate,Deactivate,Remove effect when the attack is successful
    Feature: ATKMA,ATKMD,ATKMR, - Activate,Deactivate,Remove effect when the attack is unsuccessful
    Feature: ATKHADD - Add custom effect when the attack is successful
    Feature: ATKMADD - Add custom effect when the attack is unsuccessful
    Feature: ATKFADD - Add custom effect when the attack is fumble (critical miss)
    Fixed: Not all cases handled for translating [SDC] within a power
    Feature: ! can be added to BCEG conditional operators to perform logical not
    Fixed: SAVEDMG not applied when effect set to disabled. SAVEDMG will still not be applied when effect is removed before the save is resolved. Known deficiency.
    Feature: Conditional operator SOURCE. True if the source of the attack, damage, save matches. Useful for defensive advantages against specific creatures
    Fixed: DYING
    Fixed: conditional operator filter [creature type] was never implemented
    BCEG Refactor
    Feature: conditional operator WEAPON which will return true when a weapon property matches (requires Advanced Effects Extension)
    Feature: BCEG saves support (RA) which will remove the effect on a failed or successful save
    Feature: ATKCADD add effect/condition on critical hit
    Feature: DMGR will now stack with itself
    Changed: Damage filters SDC DMGAT, DMGRT, DMGDT no longer require all
    Under the Hood: Moved signifgant code around to more fall in line with the FG paradigm and pipelines. Should be easier to maintain and less prone to errors
    Under the Hood: Added a binary sorter for better performance when searching custom effects window with a lot of effects.
    Under the Hood: Cleaned things up for 3.5e, still not supported but closer.
    Performance: Output some performance statistics for future performance enhancements to file BCEG-Performance.csv in campaign folder (it won't mean much to you)
    Feature: Conditional operator ATKDIST returns true if the distance between the attacker and target is <=. Only valid with IFT. No targeting required
    Feature: Option to turn off performance logging
    Fixed: Conflict with Capital Gains and probably others
    Fixed: Script error when damage applied is negative
    Fixed: Ongoing saves not completly working as intended
    Fixed tags SDMGOS,SREGENS, STREGENS, SDMGOE, SREGENE, STREGENE firing when the were not suppose to
    Fixed: Conditional Operators ADV/DIS not working in some situations
    Under the Hood: Formatting
    Under the Hood: Luacheck for automated code warning/error checking
    Feature: Macros tags SNEAKATK, RAKISH, for rogue sneak attack automation and rakish audacity - Requires Advanced Effects Extension
    Fixed: Some tags without modifiers not processing
    Fixed: OOB.type for client SNEAKATK support
    Fixed: On add tags not doing something when target is self
    Fixed: Tags without modifiers not processing
    Fixed: 5E effects with the tag LIGHT were being prevented from being disabled
    Fixed: Reported situation where rSource is nil where it shouldn't be. Likely another extension or ruleset bug. Log to console and fail silently
    Fixed: STURNRE/STURNRS needs adjusting with refactor
    Update: Database calls for how SW wants them with the next update
    Bad Build
    Fixed: Conflict KnK
    Fixed: Conflict Advanced Spell Damage
    Feature: Automated Pack Tactics Trait
    Feature: FG Vanilla conditional operators ALIGN, SIZE, TYPE, CUSTOM can be prefaced with ! to perform a logical not
    Feature: Conditional operator NAME will return true on a partial match of the creatures name
    Feature: SDMGADDT, SDMGADDS, TDMGADDT, TDMGADDS now accept a damage threshold
    Fixed: RAKISH not working when actor has both adv and dis
    Fixed: Skip not working
    Fixed: Clean up effects builder support (WIP)
    Under the Hood: More DB calls moved over to the desired method
    Fixed: IMMUNE: CUSTOM() will not notify IMMUNE in chat if the applied effect is an aura (spam)
    Fixed: SAVEDMG not working if effect is disabled before damage is calculated
    Fixed: DUR, EFFINIT not working when (D) is a number
    Changed: TURNRS, TURNRE will remove if effect disabled
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    Feature: DUSE to the apply cycler in the CT
    Feature: Change state added a change state cycler in the CT, powers, custom effects window. Change state tags are all the tags that Activate/Disable/Remove an effect on start or end of turn. Should see better performance on change of turn.
    Feature: Option to Deprecate Change State tags. You need to enable this for the performance gains however the Change State tags will no longer work so you'll have to have all your change state done via the cycler.
    Notice: At some point in the future Change State tags and DUSE will be deprecated and removed. Since this is such a big change there will be a few months worth of grace period.
    Fixed: [SDC] not calculated correctly for warlock
    Fixed: Tag SDC not adding bonus to [SDC] on replace
    Removed: Performance Data Tracking
    Fixed: Logic for change state cyclers
    Fixed: SAVEA
    Fixed: (RA) not removing
    Changed: RTE will not add +1 dur
    Fixed: Script error SaveVs from client
    Fixed: Change State cycler SDS not working
    Fixed: SSAVEE/SSAVES not working correctly
    Feature: Effects Migrator
    Fixed: CS none with duration sometimes increasing duration
    Fixed: Change State Remove on end of turn needed some tweaking
    Fixed: Fantasy Grounds doesn't propagate weapon attack type (spell or weapon) when NPC attacking from the CT
    Under the Hood: Performance improvement on change turn
    Fixed: More descriptive labels for ongoing damage and ongoing regen
    Removed Advanced Effects dependency for Sneak Attack and conditional operator WEAPON
    Documentation: conditional operator WEAPON was missing from PDF documentation
    Fixed: Change State encoded to CT when loaded from module via Equipped Effects or similar extension
    Fixed: Chance template name collision with Random Encounter Generator extension
    Fixed: Script error when dragging attack roll from chat to CT
    Changed: DMGR with an empty filter will assume all. all is no longer required for all
    Fixed: NPC Innate Spellecasting with [SDC]
    Fixed: Changed utilitybox to match for FG 4.4.0
    Changed: WEAPON conditional operator will match on a partial match instead of exact match
    Fixed: Unicode not being stripped from effects when added to CT
    Fixed: Migrate Effects dialog for under the hood changes
    Fixed: New custom effects not detected by BCE/G
    Feature: Conditional operator HP - True if the actor has hit points that are greater/less than the operation.
    Fixed: ATKCADD missing from documentation.
    Conditional operators support both >=,<= and =<,=>.
    Feature: SAVEONDMGT - Same as SAVEONDMG but applied to the target. Subsequent tags (SAVEDMG, SAVEADD, SAVEADDP, etc) will also apply to target
    Feature: Conditional operator CR which is True if the actor CR/level are greater/less than the operation
    Feature: DESTROY - Destroy Actor when applied
    Fixed: Cycling power group options sometimes resulted in [SDC] being calculated incorrectly
    Fixed: Ongoing saves not giving adv/dis with ADVCOND/DISCOND
    Fixed: Traits not being picked up on table start for ct actors. Needed for automatic adv/dis for saves/ongoing saves
    Feature: CDMG,MDMG,HDMG - Crit damage, Max Damage, Half Damage. Works like modifiers buttons but also accepts filters
    Documentation Module updated for effect building overview and nomenclature
    Feature: Spell and spell effect resistance DMG and REGEN tags using the spell descriptor; Resistance can be accomplished by IF: ATK(spell); RESIST: all
    Fixed: [SDC] not calculation correctly for NPCs that have different innate spellcasting and spellcasting save DCs
    Fixed: FG DMGO tag not dealing sourced damage. More descriptive chat text
    Fixed: Minor performance improvements
    Fixed: Luacheck automated code checking indicated possible issues
    Fixed: Script error on some instances of NPCs with [SDC]
    Feature: Players own their Actors effects and thus can delete them from the CT
    Feature: HEAL accepts max descriptor for max heal
    Feature: ATK conditional operator accepts opportunity
    Feature: Option to Alert GM to actors conditions on turn
    Fixed: DUR not working with dice string
    DevOps: Support for automatic Forge updates from GitHub
    Feature: OBSUCRED - See Below
    Feature: House Rule (option) Seeing though Invisible because of truesight, blindsight, tremorsense negates Invisible
    Fixed: HEAL tag not working correctly with mod
    Fixed: IMMUNE:CUSTOM() did not accept effect labels with () in them.
    Changed: IMMUNE:CUSTOM, if the effect label has the text 'AoE' or '($)', Chat message is suppressed if Immune. Prevents chat spam when used with AURA extension
    Changed: Ongoing SAVE accepts conditions as a descriptor to indicate the save type for purposes of automatic save vs condition
    Changed: Tags that add an effect can now add multiple effects separated by commas
    Removed: Legacy where saves could be defined SAVE: WIS 10
    The following descriptors and what vision types can see though them. must have 1 descriptor
    magical darkness - devil's sight, devilsight, truesight, blindsight, tremorsense
    darkness - darkvision, devil's sight, devilsight, truesight, blindsight, tremorsense
    physical - blindsight, tremorsense

    ADV on attacks if the defender can't see the attacker.
    DIS on the attack if the attacker can't see the defender.

    This will not change how vision appears on the map, only how the underlying game mechanics work.
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    Hi rhagelstrom, should the instruction module be live already? I've refreshed the FG updater multiple times but I can't see it in my module list. (as an aside, the extension is available).

    ***Sorry, please ignore. I just read the Grim Press Discord and it's not there yet.
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    It seems the .mod wasn't in the original upload. The fix is awaiting SW approval. I've attached the mod to the first post in the meantime

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    The module should now be included. Sorry for the mix-up.
    Check out the Grim Press Website!
    See our FG releases on the Fantasy Grounds Store.
    We're also releasing content on the FG Forge.
    Join our community Discord server to engage with us directly: discord.gg/grimpress.

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    Version Update: 3.1
    Fixed - Space being removed from effect label when proceeded by a ,
    Fixed - (DE) not disabling effect on add as intended
    Fixed - Double CT menu when using some themes
    Fixed - Documentation module included with download

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    I have to say Ryan, this is crazy awesome, so much time saved for DMs and players, can't believe how much work you've put into this. Hands down couple this with 5eAE (Automatic Effects mods) it's just so easy and clean now.

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    Would you also provide a PDF of the documentation as a handy reference without opening a module reference in game?

    Have you heard of the Effect Builder extension? https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Effect-Builder

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    Quote Originally Posted by webdove View Post
    Would you also provide a PDF of the documentation as a handy reference without opening a module reference in game?

    Have you heard of the Effect Builder extension? https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Effect-Builder
    He is the second post in that thread.

    You can find all the documentations in the FORGE post btw.

    It's not to hard to make a PDF if you want it, however, I just use the FORGE posts as they are updated.

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