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    Please. How do I import my own avatar as a character sheet token?

    The provided ones just do not cut it.
    I've been poking with the system. I've dragged and dropped. I've clicked on every button there and I now look like an undead eberon elf. Not acceptable for a charismatic warlock/sorcerer.

    I've cut an avatar from this guy. All I want is that Handsome bald head uptop my character sheet.

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    Save a copy in your tokens folder or create a token module to house campaign specific tokens.

    The pic you posted seems more like s portrait, if this is the case, save the image in you portraits folder.

    In either case, the image should show up in your assets folder on the tabletop. Tokens well be under the token tab, whereas portraits show up under Images. They will be in the 'data' folder, or in a module if you created one. There a good tutorial on how to organize assets into modules. Maybe in the wiki?

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    If you are a player then you'll only have access to portraits and you'll only be able to access the portraits via clicking on the portrait space on the character sheet. In most rulesets that I'm aware of if you add a portrait to the character then it will also use that as the default token. If you just want a token and a different portrait then you'll need to send the token to your DM so they can add it to the character sheet.

    As for your image above you'll need to crop out the bit you want. The portrait should be 100x100px so you'll need some kind of graphics package like paint in order to crop it. If you want a token then you'll need to use a tool (such as tokentool) of some kind to make one. Tokens should also be of similar dimensions to portraits f you are a medium or smaller sized character, Once you have the portrait put it in the FG data/portraits folder. You can get to that by clicking the folder icon at the top left of the start screen. As I said send the token to your DM.

    If you are the DM then you have access to portraits and tokens via assets. Tokens are dragged dropped but portraits are added the same way as for players by clicking on the portrait section of the character sheet.
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    Gentelmen, thank you. I have successfully completed the operation.

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    After spending many hours creating custom (round) tokens for my players to access I learned that players cannot view, access, and select on their own tokens the GM makes and loads. That really bites.

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    Yes, that is one of the downsides to the architecture as used, the player can make and send to the GM though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tooting Dog View Post
    After spending many hours creating custom (round) tokens for my players to access I learned that players cannot view, access, and select on their own tokens the GM makes and loads. That really bites.
    The GM can make the selection for them. Other GMs have taken screenshots of the available tokens and shared that as a image within FG - then the players can view and tell the GM which token to add to their PC. It's a bit of a pain, but it's a work around that'll allow use of the GM's tokens.
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    Uploading an image/s of the token collection like it is a menu is an idea. Still, not sure why there can't be a PC Tokens folder or something they can peruse and download from but it is what it is.

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    It was an early architecture decision by the previous devs. I think it was intended to protect artists IP Don't know if it applies anymore, but at this point it's one of those legacy things that people are mostly used to and work around and therefore isn't important enough for most of us to want the devs spending time changing than working on other improvements.

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    So What is the point of a Token Pack? If the DM is the only one who can use them (from what I understand a player has no access to Tokens), then the market will be 1/6th (approximately) of the number of total players. If the DM buys them, he just added another layer of hassle finding and distributing tokens that players might like (AND he has to PAY for the privilege). Why then do creators make Token Packs with Characters instead of Portrait Packs (which Players can use)?
    Have I got this right?

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