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    Weird Science gadget tracking

    I'm a SWADE noob GM

    One of my new players has made a character in our sci-fi setting with an AB of Weird Science.

    We're not sure how to best keep track of Power Points for his alien, futuristic gadgets that are charged from his power pool and then released back to it.

    I found an extension for magical devices, but I'm not sure that it really does the job

    Is there a way of coding a counter into the Powers tab for each power, like D&D5e power group or similar?

    We're all happy to do the arithmetic manually, but somewhere to record the totals and usage would be helpful.

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    The magical devices extension would work well for that, since it tracks PP for the item. It holds the casting die, which means you can change it as the character advances the arcane skill.
    Also, you can equip the device and it appears on the character sheet as a device the character can use. Great for when other characters are given the devices, or when they find xenotech.
    It's possible to code a PP counter, but I think the magical devices extension works much better for weird science. It's one of the uses it was created for. Plus, it's a cool extension with other uses.
    You can experiment with it in a test campaign. That should answer many of your questions. That's what I do with new extensions.
    I'm happy to answer any questions about it, as is chillhelm.

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