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    Im am looking to play and im free on wednesdays after 5 PM EST so 2 pm PST id be able to pley 5 PST til about 8/9 PST if theres still room let me know

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    im intrested but i see you have many responces already you still got room ??

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    Is there still space for another player? I'd like to join.

    Weeknights are fine for me.

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    Interested, I also have full FG, as well. I have also built some tables and other things in FG.

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    I have 13 responses to this post which is now enough for me to form my group, so I am closing this post.

    I am not accepting any more requests into my game.
    Thank you.

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    Hi! I'm really interested in joining this if there are spots available.
    My discord is lucs#7822

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    I am sorry ratzorg, but I have enough players now. Thanks.

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    If you're group isn't full already, I would love to join! I haven't played D&D in about a year since my previous group disbanded. I'm looking for a long term group, that I can get to know and really get deep into each others stories. I really like the story telling aspect and RPing. I am on Eastern time, so opposite side of the country, but it shouldn't be an issue at all. I currently have a standard FG license, and familiar enough with discord.

    Let me know if you would like to talk more.


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    Hello! I would be very interested in this game! I am pretty flexible with what I can play and have gamed through most of the editions on and off over the years with most being in the 2nd edition days.

    Hope to hear back from you soon, Cheers!

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    Aug 2020
    USA west coast, PDT/UTC-8
    I'd be in for either day, I'm also west coast time zone, i can be on at 5pm easy. My limit is i gotta log out at 9pm sharp, it's a work night.

    I tend to prefer more support role/not exactly a combatant types(times to shine are more RP and non-combat skill related). But i'm quite flexible, and more then anything i prefer playing in a group that's being a tight crew. So i'm ready to become whatever ingredient works best to help us be that. Or maybe to say, for me, the ensemble group, how we mesh and work as a whole, is the most interesting character to see unfold.
    So it's easy for me to go in, without a plan of who to be already. And on session zero let everyone else pick classes and whatever, then discover the flavor of the mix created, to see what I might be a good fit for in that mix.

    I tend to keep my character background to a more rough outline of personality archetype. With just a few event details in their past to get them going/to their launch pad. And the rest of the details filled in as we go, so that the character is well integrated to the world they were born to. I rarely write out too much detail background in advance, as i prefer the actually "happened on camera" events, to be the more meaningful events in the character's story. Instead of whatever i say happened off screen before we ever met them.

    I will say this, as the party increases in size, i more and more want to be their bard.
    Once it hits 5+ that's my favorite party role.

    And FYI, i generally do not voice act a character out too much, but tend to be the narrator of them. So that i can more objectively describe them, and their attitudes/demeanor, for the players at the table. Instead of hoping they properly interpret my bad voice acting skills and potentially needing to retcon anything due to player, not character, misinterpretations. Just say'n upfront for an informed choice about your table make up.

    happy to offer more details or directly answer questions. But i'd not public post too much about a character in advance of session zero. So i can RP it out in game more, as well as i do like to take into account more details of the world and party make up, to inform my character creation choices.

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