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    Question: make reference content copy-pasteable?

    Hi, folks,
    I'm doing a commercial conversion of a 5E sourcebook. A couple of the new additions in the book offer an alternate ruleset for inheriting traits from your parents, including for adopted kids. I don't think there's a simple way to use the Races or Backgrounds rules to encompass these changes, so I'd like to have the content in a form where players can copy and hand-paste the extra features into their characters. Now, it seems like users can't copy text from a reference page. Is there another element I could use that would allow players to copy from?

    Obviously the best answer would be to amend the ruleset, but sadly I think that's beyond my skills (and the publisher's budget). Thanks as always for y'all's time and help!
    -Fran Stewart

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    Don't think so. But wat if you look at the personality traits sections and how those can be dragged into the character sheet? Might that get you wat you need?

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    Instead of copy/pasting you want to be looking at dragging and dropping I think. If you are creating something which players can use to create characters then those parts (races, classes, backgrounds etc) should be included in a separate players module which players can access and drag/drop that content into their character sheets. You could use subraces but if you can't then I'd look at something like feats. You can create whatever it is as a feat and link those to a race or background as needed. Players can then click the links to open up the item and then drag their choice into their character sheet.
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    I would implement them as feats. They can be dragged on any character sheet to add it there.

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    For those who suggest implementing these as feats or traits, it looks like one of those will be the best option. Thanks for the help!

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