General Info

Platform and system: 5e D&D, FGU, and Discord. I own the ultimate addition of fantasy grounds unity and most of the D&D modules.
Schedule: Undecided.
Cost: 10 Euros per player.
Slots: Up to 5 players.
Player requirements: 18+, good mic
Session length: 4 Hours

Game Info

Setting: This one-shot is a bit whimsical, with thriller undertones. It's set in a standard fantasy setting. There will be adult themes and graphic scenes.

Plot Hook: You are part of a well-renown group of heroes; you’ve fought together for as long as you can remember to bring peace and safety to your homeland. You’ve amassed a grand following among the common folk, their favor the wind under your waxwings. You carved out a homestead for yourselves, taken your own land, and built a stronghold. The greedy lords of the kingdom saw you as a rising threat. And so, they marched four armies against your keep. They besieged you for weeks, starved your soldiers, and their catapults fired endlessly. Things became so desperate that as a group, you foolishly struck a deal with Beelzebub. You remember falling, a grand descent into the underworld. Those who have destroyed your world will feel your wrath. But for now, you have a court case to attend to.

Player Options: You are free to play any race and class.

Level: Your characters will start the adventure at level 12.

GM Style: An even mix of RP, combat, and exploration.