General Info

Platform and system:5e D&D, FGU and Discord. I own the ultimate addition of fantasy grounds unity and most of the D&D modules.
Schedule: Undecided.
Cost: 10 Euros per player. (paypal)
Slots: Up to 5 players.
Player requirements: 18+, good mic
Session length: 4 Hours (Or until your characters die.)

Game Info

Setting: This one-shot is about making the best of a horrible situation; Your character will die sooner or later. The game is set in a Napoleonic era with fantasy elements. If you like horror and Lovecraftian themes then this is the game for you. There will be a survival aspect to the game as foraging for food and crafting basic supplies will mean life or death. Exploration will be dangerous but rewarding.

Plot Hook: Your characters have marooned on a mysterious isle. Soon you realize it would have been better to die with the rest. Each of you have your reasons to have boarded the ship, some of you might have been marines, others scientists and explorers, or perhaps spies and convicts stowed aboard. Will you survive long enough to piece together what is going on?

Player Options: You may play any non-monstrous or flying race as it takes away from the horror elements of the game. Classes are not restricted, fighters get a free feat.

Level: Your characters will start the adventure at level 3.

GM Style: An even mix of RP, combat, and exploration.