Good afternoon all! My name is River and I have some open spots in my games right now that I'd be interested in filling as well as a new CURSE OF STRAHD game starting in Feb.

Sundays Biweekly CURSE OF STRAHD Time is TBD based on players (day is flexible as well)

Sundays Biweekly DND Marathon Series 7pmEST. We're playing through all official modules in chronological order. Party is in the epilogue of Lost Mine of Phandelver and moving into Tyranny of Dragons

Tuesdays Biweekly Making Waves 7pmEST. A high seas adventure game set in my own setting. Sailing mechanics, piracy and an open world to explore! Made in 5e

Wednesdays weekly In The Grip of Night 7pmEST Using the Blades in the Dark system, the party play a group of criminals trying to take over the city. Currently they decided on Cultists that are disguised as an honour society at Charterhall U

Fridays Biweekly Trouble Shooters 7pmEST Using the Cyberpunk RED system the party explore Night City circa 2077 searching for fame, glory and eddies.

Saturdays Weekly One Shot Series 7pmEST. We run through all the DnD oneshot books! Currently going through Tales of the Yawning Portal and finishing up Sunless Citadel. This is a drop in drop out game.

All games are 20$ per session first one free and run 4 hours. I broadcast them all on twitch here DM to join in and if you have a group wanting to start a new game, don't be afraid to message!