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    Carl Sargent's Night Below- 2e rule set- questions after session one

    Finished our session one and thanks to everyone's help in here and the sheer awesomeness that is FGU, it was a great success! Thank you for answering my questions and helping me get ready to DM this classic campaign! 🙂

    Few things that came up:

    1) In the side bar, is there a way to hide "Combat Modifiers" and "System and Custom Effects" from my players? Do they really need access to those?

    2) In the combat tracker, is there a way to hide their adversaries from their view? They were even able to see "named" enemies. I don't want them seeing how damaged their foes are in the CT either.

    3) Erevan, the 3rd level thief, 2nd level mage, targeted a foe and attacked with his short bow. Two d20 dice rolled at the same time; one arrow hit his foe, and the second hit himself!

    4) There were three occasions when two different PCs rolled a natural 20 and they weren't awarded the MAX damage that I have it set to in options under 'Attack: Damage Bonus on Critical".

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    1. No but in the list of modifiers and effects I believe there is an "eye" symbol you can use to make that specific effect not visible to players. Once you get more FG familiar players, you will want to trust them with adding effects as needed - it reduces your workload as the DM as long as you have trustworthy players (and I say this with a load of personal irony because I trust my players and I still like to assign a majority of effects on my own... OCD I guess).

    2. Little eye symbol again in upper left corner. Each individual NPC also has an eye symbol. Make your "Named" NPCs unidentified and assign them a generic name. For example instead of Chadus the Magnificent you might say Man in Blue Robes. Or, you could say Orc (Blarg the Destroyer) - anything in ( ) behind the name is visible only to the DM.

    3. Common PEBKAC issue where player has also targeted themselves when rolling the attack.

    4. Not sure about this; are you using any extensions? I use Sterno's beautiful piece of work and have it set to "20, must be 5+ over needed roll". It's been a long time since I've used the stock settings.

    Look; if this is all you have questions about after session 1... congratulations! You're already doing amazingly well.
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    Hey thanks for your kind words JohnD! And thanks for taking the time to answer these 4 questions in depth! I'm not using any extensions. Can you tell me a bit more about Sterno's beautiful work?

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    Well... Let s say that if most other rulesets can go to 6-8 out of 10, the 2E ruleset goes to 10...
    Now when you add the mighty sterno's extension...the 2E ruleset goes to 11. 

    Check this out and his GitHub page for more information


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