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    Mouse Update NullReferenceException with quick pointers

    Had this happen during a session when using quick pointers and was able to reliably recreate it in a new 5E campaign with no extensions.
    [1/16/2022 7:35:27 PM] [ERROR]  MOUSE UPDATE: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at NDLLLHPDJOE.KDMHIJJBOFO (UnityEngine.Vector2 BEAOCACDGMG) [0x000f7] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at NNNFPHOLAJP.EBDPHEICDEA (UnityEngine.Vector2 NCJHCAOBFKP) [0x00874] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at FG.ImageControlUI.RayCastFromPointer (UnityEngine.Vector2 KDOLCCJLOPE) [0x00026] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at FG.ImageControlUI.SetHoverTarget (System.Boolean ODHHMEMDBPO) [0x00021] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at KGNOOCIONDH.HoverStateChanged (System.Boolean ICJMMGOHMEF, UnityEngine.Vector2Int OHCOFOJAPAN) [0x00016] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at FMPJEDNFKON.JAIMOAFJGAL (JJEKLHKGKBN DOAIEANCHCB) [0x00089] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at FMPJEDNFKON.IEFPKCPNEBC (JJEKLHKGKBN DOAIEANCHCB) [0x00272] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at FMPJEDNFKON.LFEIFGPDPBA (System.Int32 OFIHBJJLLEO, UnityEngine.Vector2 LPJINEPFOMB) [0x00010] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at AEKKJAPPMPK.FOCFBMANJEP (System.Int32 OFIHBJJLLEO, UnityEngine.Vector2Int OHCOFOJAPAN) [0x00059] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at KGNOOCIONDH.ReceiveClickDown (System.Int32 OFIHBJJLLEO, UnityEngine.Vector2Int OHCOFOJAPAN) [0x00030] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at LEECPKFJIAJ.DPCCBCNKHIK (System.Int32 OFIHBJJLLEO) [0x000a9] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at LEECPKFJIAJ.JIDMLNKADMN () [0x0000e] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at FG.FGDesktop.OPILCLOHJGM () [0x00010] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0 
      at FG.FGDesktop.Update () [0x0004e] in <6cf94f7c8cae4fe1956d6537ea4db445>:0
    To recreate:
    1. Open up a map (I'm using one from Tomb of Annihilation)
    2. Draw a quick pointer (with Left+Right click): Capture1.JPG
    3. Position mouse cursor here: Capture2.JPG
    4. Left+Right click in this spot to clear the pointer, then release without moving/drawing a new pointer. Pointer disappears (as expected) but with the exception pop up

    I can provide the compiled logs if it'll help.

    FGU v4.1.13
    5E v2022-01-14
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    I raised this with FG support a couple weeks ago

    JPG replied via email; it should be fixed with the next client update, 2-4 weeks from 6 days ago they said.

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