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    [Paid] (LF1M)(D&D 5e) Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays (6 PM GMT)


    FG License: Ultimate, players just need to download FGU Demo
    Game: D&D 5e
    Experience: No experience with FGU necessary, looking for players with some experience interested in a
    Location Time Zone: I am stationed in Central, but you can be from anywhere in the world!
    Day of the week and time: Fridays at 6 PM GMT
    Planned start date: 1/7/2022
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Roughly 4-hour sessions weekly
    Cost: $20 USD per player, per session, paid through StartPlaying Games

    Software used: Discord for voice (video optional) and Syrinscape for ambient audio immersion.
    Roleplay & Combat mix: 60/40
    Roles Sought: Looking for players (3 Seats taken, 1 Seats open)

    You trek across a desolate tundra fighting an unrelenting blizzard, barely able to see a few feet in front of you. The wind bites at your barely exposed skin and you try to bundle up tighter in your thick furs and coats, trying to make it through yet another storm. The night sky is dark, as it has been for weeks now and you being to wonder if the sun will ever return. Without warning, the storm around you ceases as you look up to the night sky as the light begins to shine, reflecting off the last falling fractals of this suddenly ending storm. You begin to see the whisps of the Aurora blanketing the night sky, but this routine no longer fills you with awe, only dread, as among the moving layers of light you see her, The Frostmaiden doing her nightly dance, keeping this night growing ever deeper still. Gritting your teeth you grip your rope and push forward, pulling your sled and supplies along, trying to get to the nearest town before the storm returns, and finally takes you. Do you think you will survive?
    Join Now to find out:

    About Me
    Hello adventurers, my name is Icebreaker, and welcome to Icewind Dale! I have been running tabletop games for the past 15 years, exclusively 5th Edition for the past 6 years. My experience includes running games for folks from all walks of life and all different levels of experience, including running multiple large West Marches Servers. If you are looking for a Dark, Survival based game with Horror elements and lots of Role-play, then this is the game for you!

    Here are some reviews:

    What you need
    For this game, players will need a microphone (webcam optional) and should install Fantasy Grounds Unity Demo Version available on the Fantasy Grounds website or through Steam.

    What I bring
    The story, my experience, and an FGU Ultimate License so there is no cost to download Fantasy Grounds

    Character Creation
    Players will participate in a free session 0 to meet their fellow players, create characters, and learn FGU if needed. All published content is available for use, any homebrew or additional content is always up for discussion.

    Why pay for this D&D Experience?
    Many players have difficulty finding a consistent game that suits their needs and scratches that D&D itch. Paying to sit at my table will provide you with constant and effective communication, an immersive and enjoyable D&D experience, and memories that you will be able to carry with you. If you are not satisfied with your experience, you are able to leave the campaign at any time with no guilt.

    Join Now!:
    If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here or on discord: Icebreaker#6253
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