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    How do you pick pocket when nobody had pockets?

    So my assumption is that the average peasant back in middle ages would not have had pockets, coins I guess would be held in bags? It seems that stealing a coin bag would be a lot harder then picking a pocket.

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    Smack head with hammer, liberate coinage.
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    While violent mugging is an option regardless, folks did have personal bags, pouches, and the like that could be liberated.

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    It has the same meaning as cutpurse. Some game systems call it legerdemain or sleight of hand, but it's still basically used for the same purpose.
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    The small bag tied to the belt is a purse and is not the feminine fashion item we are now familiar with. A cutpurse would literally cut the bottom of this purse to allow coins to fall out. Small knives and razors were commonly used. Less commonly, a ring with a small blade facing the palm.

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