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Thread: Battle Maps

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    Great, thanks Jim! Trying to add grid but can't get the FG grid to match up with the images painted grid, might have to find another image with no painted grid on it? I can get one box to match up but they don't match up as they move further away from the box I did get to match up.
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    Getting the grid to line up with a built in grid can be very tricky. I used the map align tool here

    See the video linked at the bottom of the first post on how to use it
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    If you don't mind paying, click on the Store link above, click the down arrow next to the search box and change "Filter By Product Type" to map pack. There are tons of map packs for sale through the FG store.

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    Patreon is another good resource to find artists who churn out maps for the patrons. Here's one I used to patronize.

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    Thanks so much you guys, really appreciate your help, as we are starting at 5:30 eastern USA time today! Found another cool image from Patreon artist with no grid that I think will work! Will any of you guys be around later today if I get stuck and need to ask a question? We're adventuring from 5:30pm to 9:00pm eastern USA time.

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    Over time you will find that maps without a baked-in grid are easiest to work with. But, if you find the perfect map and it has a grid that doesn't align perfectly, try the program Zacchaeus linked above. If that does get you satisfaction, just go with it and pretend the baked-in grid isn't there.

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    Yes, the art without the baked-in grid was quick and easy. Seems to be alot of it out there too!

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