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    Problem with line breaks and formatted text

    When using shift-enter for created a line break and also using formatting on the lines, there is a problem with the save and load of the same campaign which introduces an empty space. Causes a problem when you are trying to use line breaks for using items or spell listings in story entries.

    SS1 = The initially entered text
    SS2 = Add the bold to the front of the line. You can open and close the story entry and it still looks good.

    Now, close the campaign and reload it.
    There are now empty spaces at the beginning of each line. likely related to the html for the break and the formatting. This means you have go back and "fix" everything that you entered.

    if you remove the empty space, it then causes the line above it all go bold.. Including this as a way to show where the empty space is saved.

    (because of the 5 image limit I'm going to reply to myself for the second part of this which will help development with additional images)

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    This is happening with the reload of the campaign.. it appears be adding the space after the when it reloads. If you just reload and immediately save, you will see the extra spaces being saved that were introduced on the reload.
    here you can see the progression when it occurs in the code:

    First screenshot -- unformatted HTML
    html-not formatted.png

    Second screenshot -- formatted HTML and campaign saved, but but nor reloaded (saved correctly)
    html-formatted and saved without reloading.png

    Third screenshot -- after reloading the campaign and immediately saving -- shows the introduction of the extra space bug
    html-after reloading and resaving.png

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    This is a known issue and there are many other threads detailing the shortcomings of formattedtext in FG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenan View Post
    This is a known issue and there are many other threads detailing the shortcomings of formattedtext in FG.
    Thanks.. I found some of those earlier threads and Moon Mentioned that it could/would be relooked at once FGC was retired. Sooooo.. maybe now is the time.

    What I also didn't see in those other posts was an indication of WHEN it gets introduced.. its not on the save, its on the reload. So that could possibly be solved with looking at the campaign load code and why it introduces the space there.
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    Once you have used SHIFT+Enter to format your lines use the arrow keys to position the curser next to the last letter in the word before you want to bold and then use the arrow keys to highlight the word you want to bold. And then CTRL+B to bold it. Do the same on subsequent rows

    Text I want to Bold next<--- start selection here
    Text<---- And end it here

    Same thing if you want complete itallic or bold lines

    Text<---- Start bold selection here
    I want to bold this<-- End selection here (press right arrow key)<-- Start itallic here
    I want to italizise this<-- end italic here

    Another common one is where the word being bolded or italisized has punctuation or parenthesis at the end. Include those in the selection otherwise you'll get bold .
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    Awesome thanks.. I had just figured that out and was coming back to post that (about starting the select on the previous line). You saved me having to write it up.. I appreciate the help.

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