FG License: standard
Time Zone: UCT +1
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I'm available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday preferably after 18h30
Term: preferably long term but I'm open for one-shots
Voice: I normally use Discord but I'm flexible regarding voice software. I don't mind if things get recorded but do not have a webcam and do not plan on buying one.

Game System Preferred: Pathfinder 2e
Game System Experience: I have been DMing homebrew contect for PF2e for about a year and am running Strength of thousands module for a group since 2 months. All of this on Fantasy Grounds

Character type preferred: In general I like to play off support characters like wizards/alchemists/rogues. This time around I'd really like to play a gunslinger.
About me: I personally like a good blend of everything found in TTRPGs from social RP encounters to tactical combat. I'm comfortable with both having and sharing the spotlight and am in general looking to have a good time.
I have a good grasp on the rules and after DM PF2e for a while now I'd like to get in the player seat.
If you'd like to invite me into a game you can answer in this thread or DM me.

Warm regards