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    Okay, as requested, I have fixed the issue. I added back the damage bonus that was part of the CoC6e ruleset to fix the issue. Sadly, I could not make it autocalculate for NPCs, so the db will have to be set manually. I did set the default to "+0", as it kept picking "3d6" by default. Don't know why.

    I DID make some visual changes, to be compliant with Delta Green's Recognition of Rights.
    I purged all of the DG logos and Trade dress to be compliant, and replaced it with some generic art.

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    It seems I may have spoken too soon. This weeks FG update seems to have broken a couple of things...

    - Can no longer roll skills from NPC sheets (e.g. can't click on "Unnatural 10%")
    - Lethality rolls are broken, giving the following error message:
    Script execution error: [string "W:npc weapon"]:41: attempt to call field 'getActor' (a nil value)
    Both of these work from Player Character sheets, it's just the NPC sheets that are broken. It was working before this weeks FG update.

    I can work around it if it's too much to fix, sorry!

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    I fixed the Lethality rolls. There was a call to getActor in one of the scripts that I replaced with ResolveActor.

    However, this is still an issue:
    - Can no longer roll skills from NPC sheets (e.g. can't click on "Unnatural 10%")
    When I enter a skill into the Skills box of an NPC I get the following error:
    Script execution error: [string "DeltaGreenMod:...paign/scripts/npc_skill.lua"]:25: attempt to call field 'onChar' (a nil value)

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    Sorry for the delay, Holidays, Baldur's Gate 3 and CP 2077: Phantom Liberty have worked against you.

    I have resolved the issues (I hope). Everything seems to be working fine now.

    Merecraft, because you were looking through the code, the error was in the record_npc.xml file. The Call of Cthulhu ruleset changed how it referenced building skills. I had not updated the DG Extension to match the call. It is now updated. If you look at line 176 of the record_npc,xml, you can see I changed the template to "string_columnh_multiroll", which is the the new template CoC6e is using.

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    Perfect thanks so much!
    No worry about the delay. My D&D campaign has been on hiatus for the last three months whilst my group plays through Baldur's Gate 3. It's a time-sucker!

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    Minor update, but I have adjusted the sheet to use the new Icons system introduced in 4.5.0

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    Is there a way to edit the un-editable stats such as max Hp, max sanity and max willpower?

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