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    2 monitors

    i have 2 monitors, with different resolutions. i take it i can not take FG windows and send them to the other screen? all i see are crossed directional arrows. i can move the entire FG screen, but that defeats the purpose.

    when things get heated, i got WAY too many windows open in FG.

    some one mentioned to me i could run a 2nd instance, but that it would not have GM capabilities. which i need.


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    No there's no support for dragging windows outside of the FG window. You can drag the FG window over the two monitors however and even though they have different resolutions this will nearly double the available space.
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    Hi Immelman,

    Unfortunately, screen space is one of the toughest thing when playing RM. The two monitors definitely helps even if the resolutions are a bit different. After you do what Zaccheaus says, you can use the extra blank space to put desktop shortcuts that you might need during your game like PDFs. Also it will allow you to get to an open PDF if you keep it on that monitor because you will be able to easily click on it.


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    this does not work for me. when FG is expanded to lower res screen, it cuts off a section of the tabs on right hand margin, and there is no longer a scroll bar, so no scrolling.

    IF....it were possible, i think if i could reverse the tabs on the right, with the GM window on the left, that would put the tabs on the better screen, and my GM dialog box only uses half my screen any ways. so it would fit the right margin.

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    Drag it from the monitor with the lower resolution to the one with more resolution to do what I mentioned. If you do it from the higher resolution monitor you will encounter what you did.

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