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    Adjusting Token Sizes

    I'm trying to use certain tokens to represent military units as attached.

    I'm manually increasing the size of the tokens (click on the token and use the mouse wheel) to represent the size of the unit (hits = no. of troops)

    If I try and set the size of the token via the edit function (see attached) then I can only use the presents and not adjust manually.

    Is there another way of fixing the size of the tokens via the edit window or is the manual option the only way?

    Thanks - Rainbird
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    It is trying to set the space and reach based on the size field and unfortunately it is only allowing the use of the built in sizes because it is resetting those fields when opening the NPC sheets. I will adjust the code so it doesn't reset it when it is blank. I will try to make it for this Tuesday's release.

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    Thanks Dakadin, most appreciated.

    Regards - Rainbird

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    Hi Rainbird,

    This should be available with the Tuesday release.


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    As ever Dakadin, thanks for sorting this so quickly.


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    Hi Dakadin - bit late, but that token size update works a treat.



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