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    LFP Longtime DM seeking a consistent group

    Hi, my name is Tyler and I’ve been dm’ing for almost two years. In that time I have run several campaigns, but I am getting seriously tired of creating storylines for characters that don’t show up. I am looking for a group of 5-6 players who will show up consistently. I’m not a perfect DM but I’m always willing and open to learn. I was hoping to start a game on Saturday mornings or Sunday nights. I am currently working on a new hombrew and campaign that I would be willing to run if I found consistent players. This means we would meet four 3 weeks before any major story events take place or storylines occur. This allows me to see if we are compatible and to see that you are consistent. This is an adults only paid game and we are playing dnd 5th edition. Contact me on discord at Tman8715#2718
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    Got Group

    I have that group. There are currently six of us who have been playing for two years. One guy has some scheduling issues due to kids and basketball but he makes most nights. We are currently finishing up Rime of the Frostmaiden and would want to finish that game before starting a new campaign. The problem is the date. We play on Monday night from 7-10 EST which I think is GMT -5. We are locked into that time frame. If this is something you could work with let me know. We are older, veteran players who are dedicated and would love a good story and game. The money is not an issue. I know how hard it is to find consistency here. I would want to talk to you ahead of time to get a feel for what you would want to do for the same reasons of fit. Everyone involved would want this to be a long-term experience. My Discord account is WPH313#2621

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    I may be interested, but it'd be helpful to know about how you handle character creation, house rules, and what kind of game you want to run (a general desired duration would be helpful, I'm looking for something 6+ months). Regarding the deposit, I don't mind paying for a gift of equivalent value but I would prefer not to do anything with direct deposit.

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    Hi Tyler, I have 2 that would enjoy playing. We could do Tue, Wed or Thr nights 7:00-10:00 EST. I might be able to get more folks if needed. You can see from my Join Date that I have played with FG for many years. So wondering if you might be interested in running multiple sessions each week?

    Let me know ~ Thanks

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    Virtual_KO That is very much a possibility, if you have discord we could talk more on there. if not go ahead and message me privately

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