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    DM LFP 5 level 1 players for Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh 5E Thursdays at 5 MST

    Ahoy There! This Campaign will be a D&D 5E Unity game with Hard difficulty with character and race class restrictions. Group of five fun Adventures wanted. We have two players so far a Gnome Wizard and a Human Cleric. We need three more. This campaign Will contain some mature content. No Demo players. You most have a STD FGU LIC. Please also have a 5E Players handbook it will make our lives easier. I am seeking a very long-term group to play every Thursday at 5PM-8PM (MST). We would start game Feb 3rd 2022 5pm MST and have character roll ups before that. You’ll have to be patient with me since I’m a beginning DM I've ran a few one shots but I will learn the system. I've had a few DMS stop there adventures on me, I will do everything in my power to ensure that doesn't happen to this campaign. Combat 50% Role Playing 25% Mystery 15% Advancement 10% Voice on Discord #0163. PM me here if your interested. Adventure completion may lead to other Ghosts of Salt Marsh MODs sinster secret.jpg

    Discord Server Sinister Secret https://discord.gg/UTDkSR9b

    Check out the discord server to see rules

    Next Character creation available Jan 20th 5-8pm MST
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