Looking for 2 players to join our ongoing campaign in Tales of the Yawning portal. In case you are unfamiliar with the campaign, it is a conversion of several old-school adventures (e.g. Sunless Citidel, tomb of horrors) into 5th edition. I have strung these otherwise unrelated adventures into a cohesive campaign narrative, or, at least, I am trying to.
I am running 2 parallel campaigns, each with 4 player party size, on Tues and Thurs, respectively. Unfortunately, the Thursday group recently had 2 players drop out due to schedule conflicts, and we are looking for replacements.

The groups are on the third adventure, out of seven (or perhaps eight). The new players are expected to join starting the 4th adventure, "White Plume Mountain," which is one of my all time favorites.
We are having a blast in this campaign. I like to maintain a small party size with ample roleplaying and focus on each individual character's growth.

Episodes up on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo1J...uvFnHykf7iyG6r

We use FGU, discord, and syrinscape. Some of the games are streamed and recorded.
The Thursday group is roleplay heavy and very rooted in FG setting and lore.
Due to my schedule, we do not meet every single week, rather, 2-3 weeks a month.

If you are interested, please message me the following:

1. Are you able to consistently make the games, (Thursday 6pm EST/EDT, 2-3 times a month, varies)?
2. What is your experience in 5e and FGU? (Experience is not absolutely necessary.)
3. In your ideal game, what order would you rank these: Exploration/puzzles, combat/character building, roleplaying and lore
4. A call has gone out for adventurers willing to risk their lives for epic renown and innumerable treasures to come to Waterdeep, to seek a man named Durnan who owns the Yawning Portal Inn. Your squishy level 1 character has just walked through the doors of the inn looking to meet Durnan and answer the summons. The inn's taproom is bustling with activity as waitresses and patrons stumble about. A variety of oddities adorn the taproom walls on display as trophies, including a shining piece of magical parchment, a mummified clawed hand, a lute with missing strings, and a sealed vial of writhing magical tentacles. In the back of the taproom, you notice a closed door with a sign posted above it "ROPE TO UNDERMOUNTAIN, 1 gold piece. This establishment is not responsible for death, curses, magical imprisonment, and dismemberment of any of its patrons who choose to enter Undermountain. You do so at your own risk!" Amid the hustle, a middled aged human male with thick chops dressed in a bartender's apron comes out from a storeroom. he eyes you up and down and says, "The name's Durnan. And who might you be? Are you here for the summons?" Please describe your character and how the scene plays out.

Happy Gaming!