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    PF1E Hell's Rebels AP + Hell's Vengeance AP

    Gametime planned: 5-11p EST, Sunday or Monday, weekly for ~2.5 years between the two campaigns

    Hey there, 25 year player+DM looking to run 18+ mature but light-hearted players (hellraiser tier horror) through back-to-back campaigns. It's RP light in the sense that you can describe rather than act if you prefer. My DM style is very "by the books" striving for consistency and some sense of realism - physics still exists, and there's surely a farmer somewhere who doesn't believe in magic. I shoot for a gritty/pulpy sorta AD&D feel to my games, but for me it's the threat of the vorpal blade that makes the story interesting, not its success. I prefer players who don't "min-max" but that doesn't mean don't have a strong character with powerful combos... just, ya know, have a non-zero amount of utility (even if it's "combat" utility like Stand Still) or other character building mixed in somewhere after you get your "cool thing" built (a crit-fishing samurai kensai should probably have maybe skill focus history or something somewhere in there). I definitely try to give players a chance to shine with what their char does through random encounter design. I like players to make fully-informed decisions - no "gotchas" b/c the player didn't know how a basic PHB rule works, and my combat is tactical, you can't faceroll through it... but zombies won't flank inherently, ogre's might consider "jumping down from a higher point" to be amazing plans, meanwhile hobgoblins will phalanx flank and use aid another, and npc's that are aware of the danger (and consider it a threat, some might be arrogant and not care) will use consumables, loot, and even other npc's / hirelings to their advantage, so in that sense my game could be considered "hardmode", but not to be confused with nightmare or insane modes lol. This is a friendly "socially liberal" but non-political environment.

    I'd say plenty more, but don't want to gum up the works, so message me on discord @ "Vierz#5795" if you're interested.

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    Hey, great post! I was actually looking to join a game on Monday nights! I sent you a discord message (you'll see it from Griffonicus).

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    Sounds cool.... PM'd you ....

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    I would love to join your campaign, been playing D&D for 35+ years, and am very Fantasy Grounds savvy. Let me know if you have room, would be mostly interested in a Monday night time slot.

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