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    Moving Line of site map from one campaign to another


    I created a map in D&D 2E and got all the line of site set up and great. Now I want to move that map, with it's LOS and everything into a Pathfinder for Savage Worlds campaign. I can find the .jpg in the 2E folder, but not the file with the LOS. Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to redo all the LOS stuff?

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    You can export the LoS information by right clicking on the image layer in the image data panel, and selecting the Export Metadata option. Then, you would include this with the same name as your image file (except .xml, instead of .png/.jpg) in your new campaign images/ subfolder. When you add the image asset from the Assets window to your new campaign Images list, it will pull the graphic and the LoS metadata.


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    Oh, wow! I didn't realize I could do that! Thank you!

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