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    LOS aNd Lighting Issue on Custom Maps

    I imported a custom png map to use in my campaign but for some reason LOS is not working and I can't get any form of lights to work. I drew circles with the wall tool to represent the trees and I drew circles around some bushes using the terrain tool, went into Play Mode and add a player character token to the map, clicked on it and nothing blocked the line of sight. Typically there would be shadows to represent what the character can currently see, but there was nothing to show this. Added another token and moved it behind a walled off area and sure enough, LOS did not function. Also I could not add ambient light effects or token light. Am I missing something? Did I use the wrong image format? The map sidebar has changed so much since the last time I used it for anything like this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Screen shots would help us diagnose. Otherwise we can only give some generic advice.

    You added the tokens to the map from the CT? The tokens have some sort of light or vision? Or you've enabled ambient light? You are in play mode? You don't have the layer visibility set wrong? You have LOS on for the layer?

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    Yes to all of that. I would supply screenshots but this kind of spring up as I was prepping for the session and it was all very last minute. Unless there is something I'm missing with the ambient light thing, but I even tried adding a separate light source to the map and it did nothing.
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    Now that I've had time to go and look, I've found the problem. I am not currently a fan of the new side panel at all. It shuffled settings around and grayed them out so they don't look like you can toggle them at all. My apologies, but I'll be making suggestions for future updates.
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    This might sound crazy, but did you actually enable the lighting effect modes in play mode? When you are trying to view the vision from one NPC or from a player to the next, are you selecting the actual token on your map? As the GM, you have to individually select a given token to see through the vision of that individual token, which can be confusing at times. The combat tracker selection of any given actor will and does not automatically switch the LoS token views for you.
    Also, when you select any given tokens on the map, initially click on it and the token will be selected, that will indicate and reveal the type of vision of that particular token, and if you click it again that deselects that token along with its own vision type.
    You do have to have your line of sight options turned on, and any given token, you have to select the particular token in which you intend to view through. If there is no light source nearby and no special token vision such as dark vision, that character or NPC token will see nothing but pitch black. If you have any ambient light enabled, that's not blocked, you will also have that type of visibility, provided its enabled in the play mode options.
    Dungeons sometimes do not have the ambient lighting enabled unless the creator of said map or you wanted to have an eerie ambient glow in the dungeon as it's default ambient glow.
    In regards to the map lighting menu options, for the maps, the options have been like this for a little while. Sometimes different themes can make or exaggerate the visibility or obscure the visibility of the interface, which is one reason its not easy to create themes and visual UI changes to a given ruleset. Glad you figured this out nonetheless, bravo!
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