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    Feature request for Shields

    It would be nice if "Rear" attack modifier is chosen the shield bonus is automatically unchecked in the table resolver.

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    That should be possible. I will add it to the list. Just realize that there isn't a way to know if the rear flank is on the side of the shield or not so that will still need to be manually done.

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    Yes that is true.

    A few other things I did, which doesn't necessarily have to built in, but it is nice that you can new effects. So I added some effects for if the target is down, which doesn't seem to be there, also some Init effects for things like Two-Handed weapon, using a shield, pole arm, two weapon combo etc. Once again, it would be really sweet if you could specify which weapon the character is using and in theory it should be able to automatically apply these effects. Thanks for all your hard work!

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