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    5E - Aspect of the Beast: Bear

    This extension adds a 2x multiplier to encumbrance limits at the bottom of the inventory page if the PC is a Barbarian of level 6 or higher with the Aspect of the Beast feature that has 'Bear' specified in the name (ex. Aspect of the Beast: Bear). A barbarian in one of my games got this feature and chose Bear. He then asked me if there was an effect that can do that and I had to tell him no. I liked the idea for an extension though, so I implemented it for him and our game. I hope others out there find it useful also!

    The Forge version writes to the extensions folder and not the vault, so it's unencrypted in case you need to tweak stuff or look at things. Of course, it's all up on GitHub in case you wanna see things there. Links below!

    Current Version: 1.4, get it from the Forge if you are a Unity user (automatic deployment and update with FGU update) or GitHub releases if you are a Classic user (rename the zip to ext and drop in extensions folder). The version history is available at either link, FG Forge or GitHub.

    FG Forge Link: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/363/view
    GitHub Link: https://github.com/JustinFreitas/AspectOfTheBeastBear
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    Just posted a 1.2.1 version that works with FGU 4.1.14+ so that it won't double the bonus again if the Features are doubled up or Aspect of the Bear is found. FGC still works like normal except you can use 'Aspect of the Bear' now, if you like.
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