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    Weapon Specialization

    Hi guys, is there a way to automate weapon specialization? Thanks!

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    Click on the gear for the weapon you've entered on the Skills tab.

    Put your bonuses in the requisite boxes.

    When you apply the proficiency to the relevant weapon, your bonuses will be added automatically.

    For multiple attack rounds, you'll have to remember those on your own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Free Sky Days View Post
    Hi guys, is there a way to automate weapon specialization? Thanks!
    In what way? From a class/kit perspective or from a character sheet perspective?

    For characters you add a weapon skill on the skills tab, set the hit/dmg bonus, then apply to the weapon it's associated with.

    Class/kits are a bit different.
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    It's for a fighter player character specializing in long sword.

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