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    Fresh Player Looking for a Game

    So, despite aspirations in role playing and having damn near memorized many aspects of the player's and dungeon master's handbooks, I could never find or establish a group to play Dnd in my hometown. College, however, has somehow left me with a breadth of time on my hands, so I figured I'd give it another go. Sadly, Norfolk, VA, seems utterly lacking in entertainment of the nerdy variety, and I have come here to see if Fantasy Grounds can fill my needs. While I have never played a game of Dnd before, I have a good deal of experience role playing over forums and doing free form, flip a coin to decide success style play with my friends (as well as a fair deal of game mechanic theory on my hands). I wouldn't ask any group willing to take me on to outright teach me how to play; I just need a little guidance for when we hit something I don't quite "get". Like grappling. Anyways, I'm looking for a game to sink a chunk of hours into once a week. Anytime after 5pm EST on Mondays-Thursdays or all day Sunday works best for me.

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    Yeah dude, I'll help you out... Just got this like 3 weeks ago but I'm already pretty fluent in it and me and my playgroup are very highly experienced D and D players. If you get the hang of it quick enough we're actually running a published campaign right now and we just started and could use some more players. I'm always home after 9:00 EST, sometimes earlier, and can start whenever you want.

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