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    Forge not pushing updates


    today I notice that several of the extensions I use from Forge weren't the most recent version. This was after running Update quite regularly, so I don't think this is an issue that has just appeared today. I ended up having to go to the Extensions folder and manually deleting the extensions I wanted to update, and then run Update, which did result in the newest versions being downloaded.



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    Which extensions? If the FG Forge is listed in the vault, then anything in the extensions folder will override this. If it is for an extension that previously lived outside of the Forge, then these might just be older versions that were still there. The Forge does not remove anything that would have been downloaded outside the Forge.

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    I'm sorry I wasn't keeping a good track of this, I was chasing down some other bugs, but the ones I can say were an issue today were the Requested Rolls and Stealth Tracker extensions. I've been subscribed to Requested Rolls on the Forge since 2nd October, but today couldn't work out why an update people were discussing wasn't active for me, even after I'd run Update a couple of times, so I went to the extensions folder and found Requested Rolls hadn't update since 21st December. I also discovered Stealth Tracker - subscribed in Forge since 4th Sept - hadn't updated even though there was a new version. Both download once I'd deleted the older version from the extensions folder.

    I think I had a similar issue with some other a while back but forgot to make a note and report it, sorry.

    Could this be something to do with the Forge not properly reporting the last update date correctly on the product page? Requested Rolls says updated 19 days ago, but then again, even though Stealth Tracker is correctly saying it was updated 5 days ago, that update wasn't automatically pushed to me till I deleted the previous version, so I just don't know...

    Sorry I'm not more help, and I'll try to keep better note of when these things happen again in the future, if they do.


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    I know I'm late to the party, but thank you! I was having this problem and didn't realize I'd left my original mod in my mod folder. Deleted it and my build loaded properly!

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